Celebrating PhillyHistory’s 10th Birthday! – October 21, 2015

FeaturedAssetStreamWednesday, October 21, 2015 | 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM

Philadelphia City Hall, Broad and Market Street
Enter at the northeast corner of City Hall. You will need a picture ID to sign in. Guard will direct you to Conversation Hall, Room 201
RSVP to jill.rawnsley@phila.gov

Celebrate ten years of PhillyHistory.org by joining us for a panel discussion featuring PhillyHistory staff, bloggers, and public users. We’ll discuss PhillyHistory’s creation and development, lessons learned from ten years of maintaining a digital history project, and our plans for making historic images available online for years to come.

In 2005, the City of Philadelphia Department of Records launched the Photo Archives Website to support public viewing and geographic search of over 1,000 historic photographs taken throughout Philadelphia. Ten years later, PhillyHistory.org features over 130,000 historic photographs and maps from five organizations, includes almost thousands of data edits submitted by members of the public, maintains a regularly updated blog with over eight years of entries, and has received several large grants.

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