Redemptorist Archives Evening Lecture and Open House – October 19, 2016

Visit the newly constructed Redemptorist Archives during its open house and hear an evening lecture by a local historian on the value of religious archives.

2016RedemptoristOctober 19, 2016: Open House 9am-5pm; Lecture at 6:30 PM
Redemptorist Archives
1039 North Lawrence Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123
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The open house will feature one-on-one tours through an exhibit on St. John Neumann, fourth Catholic bishop of Philadelphia, and some of the highlights of the Redemptorist Archives’ collections. These include its biblical coin collection, Shroud of Turin collection, rare books and manuscripts. The tours are ongoing, 9 am to 5 pm; no appointment necessary. At 6:30pm, hear Dr. Nicholas Rademacher of the Cabrini College Department of Religious Studies share his insights on the use of religious archives in the production of his scholarship, especially its focus on the history of Catholicism in America.