John and Lydia Morris’s Travel Companion Tells All – October 16, 2019

Find out what the founders of the Morris Arboretum experienced as they traveled the world collecting artifacts and touring ancient sites & palatial gardens.

Wednesday, October 16, 4:30-6:00

Morris Arboretum
100 E. Northwestern Avenue
Philadelphia, PA

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No one other than their immediate family knew John and Lydia Morris better than Louise Kellner. As travel assistant to John and Lydia Morris on their several extended trips abroad, Louise kept diaries, chock-full of details, which revealed just how much she knew. Through her daily entries, we learn what the Morrises thought of places they visited, foods they ate, and people they met (expect name-dropping). Louise’s travelogues and the photographs of tourist sites she bought along the way will be our roadmap for exploring what fueled their wanderlust. Afternoon tea, a regular pastime of the Morrises at home and abroad, will be served.